Friday, April 15, 2016

Eschewing Toxins

One of the best ways to enjoy a high quality abundant life is by avoiding toxins. If you've not yet seen it, please watch FoodInc. The film is eye opening.  It has some humor and good stuff in it as well, which makes it watchable.  But there is a tortured cow in it among other items of concern.  We need to know this.  We need to know that 1) All life holds value, both intrinsically and to the individual possessing that life. And 2) Our capacity for greed has overshadowed all common sense, all kindness, all morality when it comes to the barbaric level to which our food, which should always be honored, is treated.  We need to absorb and come to understand the significance of items 1 and 2 so that we are empowered to research smarter choices which are healthier for us, our pets and sustainable for the planet.  We vote with our wallet.  

Back in the 50’s/60’s most farming was organic.  Crops were rotated out to feed the soil different minerals, vitamins, based upon what plants took or provided.  Land was rested in between crops too.  There was less eye on greed and more on abundant and quality living. I believe we cared more about not harming our fellow inhabitants but all that's changed for the mainstream way of thinking anyway.  

1                  Today we have rampant genetically modified organisms (GMO).  You can hail a big        ole thank you to greed and keeping the public dark on the topic wherever possible,        that allows such corporations as Monsanto to even exist.  Greed has made some crazy.  Who else, in their right thinking mind, ruin our soils and water supplies, trash the earth, sicken, malnourish, mistreat and genetically alter our food?  How could one really logic their way through the end game of it and remotely believe this way is healthy or right action?

    Every one of us holds what is called a body burden of toxins.  We get these toxins from the air, the food, our water, cleaning and home-care products and skincare.  It is impossible to avoid them. 
  CAFO – Otherwise known as Factory Farming, are sad Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation institutions of  despair. The sad cow that I mentioned earlier is from such a place. For the vegetarians, huzzah!  For the meat eaters, I am not here to beat on you.  I am not asking that you give meat up.  But I am asking for a mindset change and a reduction in your meat consumption.  This way of living is not sustainable for our planet, degrades our health, our soils, our waterways.  Factory farming and the beef industry have depleted our soil minerals and vitamins to such extent that our foods, our crops no longer have the same nutrition they did 50 years ago.  In my Hippocrates class, I was advised it now takes 50 bowls of spinach to equal the iron content in 1 can of spinach from 1950.

Nothing is exact anymore, and you may think well, we’ve pretty much ruined ourselves, haven't we!  But change comes by way of wallet, and diligence, and there are a lot of us!  We can slowly carve a better path for the future and do the very best to mitigate toxins in the present circumstances.

Much of the mindset shift is in agreeing that food is not something we do when we are bored, upset or lonely, it isn't a crutch, it is simply fuel for our body.  I believe that we should enjoy our food, but endeavor to make it as clean and healthy and full of natural enzymes as possible and add supplementation.  Everyone at the house is now on Chinese Chlorella and Klammath Lake Blue-Green Algae, along with Tumeric and added minerals, B complex, C.  Rhett, our resident Doberman, gets all this daily to help detox as well.  All water is purified.  We of course still shop but now have a great little organic vegetable garden going and grow our own sprouts and whatgrass.  We harvest our own plums and figs too. Eggs come from our neighbor. The attempt is to replicate 'farm to table' just as much as we can and reduce the body burden every day.   We all vote with our pocketbook.  We change the world and lives with our spending.  The first step is in understanding the necessity to change, the need to revert back to organics and growing what one can, at home.  To me this is sort of like when I first began recycling.  At first it was weird, took extra time, added steps, I had to think about it.  Now, if I am confronted with paper, I have a real challenge just throwing it away into a regular trash bin because I am so used to recycling that this is now my habit and I no longer spend so much time thinking about it.  For people traveling alot or in a situation where you cannot grow much, sprouts may still be an option and I adore the iPlant for sprouting!  It makes it so easy.  For extended trips, I recommend (and sell) Miessence DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood as it contains the greens, the wheatgrass etc that would be next to impossible to travel with.  You mix this powder into water, easy peasy for on the go!  The other tonics are great as well.  There's Complete Protein, Fulvic Acids, a Probitoic and an Antioxidant tonic.  However, I personally am on Primal Defense probiotics, in capsule form.   For the antioxidants, and detox, I am juicing.  So you just have to look at where you are, to find what product (s) are going to suit you best.  Please note, when doing your own research, it is vital that the products chosen are organic/plant based for optimum absorption.

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