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Rhett -  Proof that sometimes shite just happens and also a great and  shining example of exactly what Western Medicine does RIGHT! WM excels at mediating trauma. They saved my boys life. And now I continue working my mojo magic on him at home.  I always seek the natural, the holistic, herbal or laying on of hands approach before I even remotely think about Hospitals or Western Medicine and their knives and pharmaceuticals.  I have thought this way since I was a young child and no ideas as to exactly who and what planted these seeds in me because my family was all about the Western Medicine man.
The reasoning in both allopathic and the older modalities is brilliant.  All life is duality. I believe in the herbs, foods and flowers of the field to prevent issues and keep us healthy and heal us when ill, however, there are times when you do everything right and end up in an emergency situation, which is exactly what happened here!
I am thankful I paid attention  to Rhett's odd behaviour and tied that into the knowledge gained by  a couple of great resource books I had read, (links posted below) which allowed me to understand the full scope of the emergency that this was, act quickly on my gut, and get him to the vet before too much damage had been done already.  It’s a great way to begin a new week by not dying today.
Bloat is always serious and life-threatening in our canine companions.  But under this one moniker, there are actually two stages that happen or can happen. The first is you have gas and air that causes the stomach to fill up (gastric dilatation) and the dog is unable to burp or relieve the pressure.  When this happens, the stomach also sometimes begins twisting (volvulus).   We don't know exactly why it happens, but some breeds, primarily your large dogs, those with big chests, can be prone to bloat.  There are discussions about ways to help prevent it, such as providing moist foods, avoiding kibble, not exercising too much ahead of or directly after a meal and breaking up meal portions into 2 or 3 smaller meals.
We did all that and still....
And further, Dr. Rutherford says in his article:
“Clinically, bloat is when the stomach fills with gas and becomes distended, but the dog cannot burp or relieve the pressure exerted by the gas. Bloat with twisting or GDV is when the dog's stomach fills with gas (and often fluid) and twists 180 to 360 degrees on it's axis between the esophagus and duodenum or the entrance and exit parts of the stomach. When "simple bloat" or gastric dilatation occurs and the stomach swells, a great deal of pressure is put upon the surrounding organs including the liver and lungs interfering with the dog's ability to breath, and the blood supply to the stomach wall is decreased.
This is very painful for the dog and quickly becomes a medical emergency. When bloat is complicated by twisting, gastric dilatation, and volvulus, the situation worsens rapidly. In addition to the pressure exerted by the gas distending the stomach, the twisting stops the blood supply to the stomach wall and the tissues themselves begin to die.”
The two books that I use as reference material are:  Martin Goldstein The Nature Of Animal Healing and Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs & Cats. Both books have their own offerings with a natural bent and are great guides with what we can treat at home in a gentler kinder and effective way and when we can do something to help while we also seek the vet for treatment.
Rhett an hour prior was happy, playful, and seemed just fine.  He wanted to romp around, but we didn't because I was busy getting firewood and chores done, the house staged for when my handsome husband would walk through the door and we could begin a nice Friday evening and Saturday off together.  But as soon as Michael walked in the door, Rhett began acting strangely, laying down oddly, or sitting funny, pacing, panting a bit here and there, trying unsuccessfully to vomit and going room to room clearly feeling uncomfortable.  Michael thought he was hiding because he had gotten into something, some goody he didn't want to let go of.  And I had let him out just before Michael walked in the door and wasn't watching him.  So perhaps he licked a frog (he really likes licking frogs) or he got into something else, right?  But he wasn't hanging out with us as usual and when he was laying on my bed, I looked him over.  His tummy appeared a bit bloated.  When I felt it, I got that sinking feeling as it was 'taught like a drum'.  By the time we made it to the vets, it was far more obvious that I had made the right decision.
Rhett's X-rays showed volvulus, twisting of the stomach between the endpoints or where the tummy connects up with the esophagus on one end and duodenum.  I briefly thought about giving him charcoal capsules but I sort of figured out I was too late for that.  If I had perhaps done so earlier, when there were absolutely no symptoms, sure, maybe that would have helped.  But we didn't know our boy was going to bloat so here we were in a Friday night emergency.

As you might already guess, this is a very painful condition that, left untreated, escalates quickly resulting in certain death as few as a few hours later.  It is NOT a good death.  Rhett was so quiet, no whimpering, no vocalization that would let me know just how bad he hurt.  But his mannerisms told me he wasn't at all comfortable and so I had to go on my gut.   As I responded and got him to the vet so  quickly,  Rhett was mobile, he was clearly ill, but able to move around, was lucid and basically not yet in shock.  This meant they were able to stabilize him quickly, set him up with fluids and otherwise prep him for surgery.  Once the surgeon untwisted his belly, while very bruised, the tissues engorged with blood and became nice and pink again.  His spleen was intact, he had no permanent damage done to any of his internal organs.  This photo was taken 9 hours after surgery. He could barely stand and was not at all comfortable or apparently happy to see us.  About 6 hours later on the same day, though, he clearly was happy to see us and go home!
During surgery, Rhett had a gastropexy where they attached the stomach to the right side of his body.  In this way, he should never have a twist again.  At the vets I also learned that when a dog is being neutered, you can have them do the gastropexy at that time, saving potential damage and drama from this!  Great information to know when shopping for a new puppy!
 HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? - As I noted earlier, we don't know exactly what the cause is for the twisting or Volvulus when bloat occurs but I just had an epiphany on that one...thinking about this typically hitting the large chested pups, and how bloat presses and makes breathing a challenge, could it be possible that the dog, in trying to deeply breathe, suddenly twists the stomach?  What is known, however, is that once this occurs, the dog is prone to the condition and each time it is worse.  Hence doing a gastropexy when in surgery.  I thought I was doing everything right here.  I fed a varied diet, with fiber, probiotics, 2-3 smaller meals daily with a few snacks in between,  and I limited romping around just ahead of or after mealtime.  Additionally, I primarily feed Dr Harveys, but all of Rhett's food is home cooked, it is not dry kibble or anything that generally expands once in the stomach.
PREVENTIVE MEASURES - While I feel that I am proof you cannot completely prevent this from happening, I do believe there are things that minimize the risks.
CHARCOAL - Firstly, there is activated charcoal, such as Natures Way.  If you feel your pup is gassy and uncomfortable, give him some charcoal.  This is not something you want to add to his meals because in the detoxification process that charcoal is brilliant for, it can also wipe out the vitamins in your pups food.  You can also provide a treat which may be easier to administer, such as Darford Naturals Charmint Dog Treats.PROBIOTICS -  I like Primal Defense, to keep the gut healthy and working optimally. I also like that it comes in a capsule or powder with a scoop to just mix in food because our entire family takes this.
GINGER - Such as Dr. Wakde's Ginger Powder, which can be sprinkled into food, both dog and human, aides in the prevention of gas buildup.
THYME - Fresh or Dried Thyme, such as Spicely Organic Thyme Powder,  sprinkled into food can also help.
PRE-PLANNING - You never want to be here where I was and am right now.  It is soul crushing to see your dog child in such misery and possible early demise.  Honestly, I was proud of the way I cared for Rhett and never saw this coming.  That stated, I read up on this condition because he is a barrel-chested dog and I looked for a vet that was open 24x7 nearby. It happens to be a great place (For those in the Dallas area, I highly recommend Hillside Vet Clinic, where we have been taking our pets for over 2 decades) and I was able to meet with the surgeon prior to kissing Rhett goodbye and leaving for the evening.  The next bit of pre-planning is sort of like a fire drill where you assemble and quietly make your way to the exits.  You want to stay calm for your family member.  Why introduce further trauma and drama?  So be calm.  When working with the folks who will potentially save your pets life, it isn't their fault the prices are so jacked or that you are even there.  So be polite, patient and absorb the message. They have a stressful job to do.  They will be the ones on the other end of the phone either with grave news or telling you he made it and coaching you through next steps.  Either way, it's not easy work.
COSTLY SURGERY - This is not cheap and I was mandated actually to pay before they would even proceed although I had told them yes, proceed.  What I liked is that I was provided the best case and worst case scenarios and pricing accordingly.  I didn't let grass grow, I got my boy to the vet asap.  It actually took them longer to prep and schedule him for his surgery than it took me to notice the signs, make a diagnosis, load him into the car and haul him to the vet! Because my actions were swift, the damage was greatly minimized so that made for the best surgical outcome and less money.  For numerous reasons, bloat is not anything you want to mess around with, get your pup to the vet and quickly.  It was more than 2 hours later when Rhett went into surgery so you want to allow time for the length of time everything takes once your pet is there.
RECOVERY - Rhett is home and healing, we were thankful that he was released the following day, just under 24 hours later.  He is in a lot of pain and is on meds for that.  He kept me up all night whining the first 2 nights home.  And he sure didn't want to eat anything even though the vet wanted him to.  I have read that it's tender inside the tummy as well as outside at the scar site and so pups may not feel like eating for a couple of days.  As I type this, Rhett is whining.  But he is eating a tiny amount of food, able to pee and poop on his own and noticed a squirrel on our walk this morning.  Apparently, there is no laparoscopy on this kind of situation.  This means a big ole cut to the gut.  Rhett's incision site is clean but about 8 inches.  We equate the pain level to what my husband went through during his first hernia surgery where they did it 'old style' and he was in unbelievable pain while on the mend.  It took my husband 4 days to go number 2.  When he finally attempted it, he wound up passed out on the bathroom floor. I worked from home and held conference calls for work.  Folks would interrupt to ask 'Excuse me, what is that moaning sad sound in the background?' and I would explain my husband had recent hernia surgery and is feeling like death.  Conversely, his laparoscopy (short small opening and swifter healing with far less pain involved) a few years later to fix what never took the first time, was lightyears different.  Michael was up the same afternoon fixing himself lunch!  I have no other comparison to draw upon but assume Rhett feels much like my husband did and is suffering so great right now.  He will heal, however, and every day he does get better!  In hindsight, I would have done more of the above stuff I noted, the ginger, the charcoal treats.  I have all this on the roster moving forward now just in case, god forbid, even with the gastropexy, it somehow tries to happen again.   Rhett is a farter and while that sounds funny, maybe all of this pain (and expense) could have been prevented with a bit less gas. Well, it is time to walk my boy and see if I can get him to eat again.  I hope that this has helped you and yours.  Kindly leave a comment below, and sharing is appreciated.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Security For Your Middy - ARLO, The Ring Doorbell & Other Items Reviewed

So for those wondering, I am sharing this from my blog.  Enjoy!

Pictured above is the Ring Doorbell.  Security should be synonymous with home.
 Pretty much gone are the days when folks could leave their homes and cars unlocked and feel fine about that.  Yes, it's sad, but as things change, we must also come up with the ways and the means that make us comfortable.  
Working from home, I felt a certain level of safety between being here and being here with my 115 lb Doberman. We also had bees that would come up on our porch to drink out of our fountain, by the hundreds on a hot day.  I joked that I had great security but I really truly did.  Most folks are not going to mess with a Doberman or bees and especially a combo of both.
When I began working outside the house more, security became a flag in my mind.  People had mentioned the Ring doorbell and looking into it I was very impressed.  Now that I own one, I will never ever be without it!  It's wifi enabled and videotapes everything.  But it also acts as an intercom, whereby you can answer the ring (even if someone is loitering on your doorstep but hasn't actually rung the bell) and talk to them as if you were home.  It creeps some folks out in a good way!  I WANT folks on my doorstep to wonder what I can see an do!  I want them to wonder am I home.  The device syncs with your smartphone so you get a door chime on your phone when someone is there.  Ring also offers video cameras and a door chime so that you don't need to rely on always having your phone, such as when you are away but someone is still home, so they can hear the bell.

Arlo Pro by NETGEAR 

These little cameras hide anyplace and securely magnetize to the base. The batteries last a good amount of time.  We've had ours for 2 years now and have gone through 2 sets of batteries.  Video is retained for 30 days and you can receive alerts and view online and save or delete video as needed.
SimpliSafe is a wireless system with no long-term contracts. So you’ll never pay for something you’re not using.  As SimpliSafe is wireless, it's an easy,  DIY installation, nothing hardwired, no drilling required.
The kit featured above is $399.99 and comes with  pre-programed sensors that start working instantly—right out of the box.  All packages are fully customizable, so you can start with the sensor listed in this package and add more sensors whenever you want by logging into your account.  The 24/7 security monitoring is just $14.95/mo.   
The esthetics on all of these products is slick and goes well with an MCM home and vibe.   Call it groovy security!

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Super Foods Supplement Comparisons

Supplements & Super Foods!

Everybody has their opinion on this topic but I believe in supplementation. Even if you are eating 100% raw, grow most of your own food, sprout sprouts and down 4 cups a day of them, and green juice daily - everything organic - doing everything right - we have polluted air, soil and water, soil erosion, produce that sits on trucks and loses potency by the time you eat it. Depending upon the organic soil used, the grower may care about truly supplementing the soil or not so much so the product is going to be varied.
People are People. You have the all in folks, who do everything to build their health and never vary or cheat from what they know is the very best, the folks that power vegan on week-ends and the junk food vegans, folks who are way too busy to step back, buy a great juicer (see my website/blog) and juice every day when there is work and family concerns. And you have the folks not yet ready to give up meat eating but perhaps want to be healthier or kinder to animals and the planet so they work on that issues one plate at a time.
It takes more time and thought to eat correctly and it takes a huge mind shift. This is significantly daunting at first. Like anything we do, it does become habit and it does get easier. I promise you! My favorite story from when I first went vegan was trying to fix something at home for my executive chef husband that didn't have meat or dairy in it. He took one look at the kitchen island and said 'Well, you got me (gesturing to the plethora of foodstuffs on the counter) I have zero clues as to what we are having for dinner.' I had a really rough time at this. Eating vegan and healthy can certainly be done with diligence, but throw in travel, then it really gets complicated. This is WHY I rep for 3 product lines and when I locate a great cookbook, or a way to grow sprouts easier, I post about it.
Regardless of how you eat today, I believe we all need supplements based upon our individual body and lifestyle. Links are below but here's a snapshot of the super greens Bioceutica, Essante and Miessence offer you: - Bioceutica has superfood capsules with great greens in it. All you do is pop two capsules and *boom* done for the day.  This has great stuff in it, such as Resveratrol, from red grape skins, shown to be highly anti-aging, Spirulina, ginger and turmeric.  This is easy peasy to travel with.  There's no muss or fuss with carrying around powders to mix into something. - Offers a combo pack for $97.00 or you pay $50.00 for either their Earth Greens or $47.00 for Super Reds powders.  They also offer capsules specifically for the Earths Greens where you get 270 capsules per bottle for $72.54 which is 90 servings.  This line is a mix of both certified organic and wild crafted produce. - This line is both USDA and ACO certified organic.  It doesn't get cleaner.  Their superfoods are a trio of Probiotics (InLiven) Alkalizing (Deep Green) and Antioxidants (Berry Radical).  The Antioxidant one tastes like chocolate, there's organic cacao in it, YUM!  These are 
In Summary - Comparing the Miessence, Bioceutica & Essante:
For $75.95 you can purchase their Probiotic, Alkalising or Antioxidant powders. These are their superfoods and they are excellent.  All 3 may be purchased for $204.95.  Micessence also does periodically offer a 30% off or, if your spend level is high enough they give you that.  Either power is 105g of product, about 30 days.
Essante :  Offers a combo pack for $97.00 or you pay $50.00 for either their Earth Greens or $47.00 for Super Reds powders.  They also offer capsules.
Bioceutica - Offers SuperPower3 in capsule form,  $40.95.  While there is no wheatgrass, there is spirulina, resveratrol from grapes, kelp, numerous botanicals and this would be a great on the go supplement if you are not inclined to make juices and smoothies or on days that you don’t, such as when traveling perhaps.
Miessence is 100% certified in their Super Foods and the green alkalizing food contains Chlorella and Spirulina and Wheatgrass, ALL HUGE with Hippocrates Health Institute where I took training.  Essante powders are a mix of both organic and wild crafted non GMO.  You get a lot more product, 200g and for less.  From my perspective, Miessence is a better superfood offering in quality.  But, some folks will want the savings and more product that is still a great product with Essante.  Or, speaking personally for what I do, I get the Miessence organics superfoods in powder form.  I scoop the Deep Green onto my raw salads and mix it into my salad and dressing and its delicious.  For the Berry Radical, I use that like a hot cocoa, mix that into some hot water at the office and ...delightful.  For on the go I also use the capsules but I buy the Essante because for $72.54 I have a 90 rather than a 30 day supply.  Both products are great, it depends upon what greens you want.  
This line is both USDA and ACO certified organic.  It doesn't get cleaner.  Their superfoods are a trio of Probiotics (InLiven) Alkalizing (Deep Green) and Antioxidants (Berry Radical).  The Antioxidant one tastes like chocolate, there's organic cacao in it, YUM!  These are 
Feel free to comment and let me  know what your favorite products are and why.  Thanks for reading. ♥

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Dangerous Bedding - Detox Your Sleep!

Hello.  This morning I got into a mattress discussion and some of the folks were aware of off-gassing that many of these synthetic materials create.  A few folks suggested airing the mattress out for a specified time period.  But I said why not go 100% organic and get a nice comfy latex that lasts forever, no airing necessary?  Just because you air something out, doesn't mean all the harmful contaminants have gone away.  They're still there, off-gassing as your sleep, slowly eroding your health. 
Here's a great alternative with a link you just click on for further details.  

My Green Mattress, Simple Sleep 7" 100% Natural GOLS Certified Organic Latex Mattress with GOTS Organic Cotton and Natural Eco-Wool Cover (Queen)

Part of enjoying the great architecture of your Mid-Century Modern home is having great sleep and a quality of life that supports many years of staring at this eye candy we are lucky enough to walk around in every day!  
The body is naturally detoxing between about 9pm until around 11am.  A great mattress will lessen aches, pains, pressure points and encourage restful sleep.  So whether you are shopping for family, for yourself or simply dream of sleeping through this holiday season, here's to the glorious holidays and the coming new year, in peace, health and prosperity.  :)

Plant Based Lifestyle & detoxing Plant-Based Skincare

Go clean with your skincare, body and home care.  From our lip balm to our hand lotion, from what we apply in our yard or spray on topically to control bugs, to what we eat, it is important to be mindful of what we ingest and apply topically to reduce exposure to chemicals that shorten life, cause disease and disrupt our hormones. Wherever possible, go certified organic. There are tens of thousands of chemicals that have never been studied for their effect on human health or our planet and this list is growing rapidly.  As a Plant-Based Lifestyle Consultant, I can help you set up your kitchen to migrate toward a raw plant driven diet. This includes Juicer reviews, food processor and sprouting tips along with plant-based supplement guidance as well as how to shop at the grocery store.  

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Green MLM Opportunities - Bioceutica, Essante & Miessence Reviewed!

Hi.  Today's topic will center on 3 great MLM opportunities, both as a shopping experience and as an Independent Representative looking to make a living.  The average person applies over 120 toxic industrial chemicals before 9am.  The goal in representing these lines is to offer least toxic alternatives to a varied client base.  Everyone is in a different place with what they like to use. Repping for these lines has allowed me to test a lot of products and share my findings from my own research.  I currently rep for all 3 lines.  Each one offers a few different products that the other doesn't and each has their own pluses and drawbacks.  What I like with supporting these three is that this allows me to work with a client and completely tailor my product suggestions to their budget and personal tastes while assuring that what I am offering is less toxic, potent, more pure and effective.  For those of you interested in building a business, I work this angle too, because I rep for these lines with the intent on making a living at it.
Below are the links to check each one out.

Most of us work at something to create a living that supports our lifestyle.  What I love about doing this blog is bringing you ways to become healthier, happier and more centered, helping your creature features (the odd adorable fur children occupying a place in your life) via my PurePet articles and for those curious, business opportunities as well.  For those curious about beginning a blog business, kindly direct your gaze to my 'Getting Started' page.  My quest firstly was to detox my own skin, body and home care routines.  When I realized how bad most products actually were, my quest became about sharing what I know.  Taking a year off work and training with Hippocrates Health Institute was a 360 for my life.  This training came on the heels of just having lost my mother and a brother to cancer, and hearing the sad news that I had other family members terminal with the disease. I felt led with stronger resolve to share out my detoxing message to as many folks as I can.
With my Plant-Based Lifestyle coaching, I began looking at products I could talk about and feel great about sharing.  Most of us want to look our best and feel our best.  The philosophy here is inside out and outside in whole health.
Even someone who is on the ultimate raw, sprout filled, green juice imbibing plant based diet will have holes in their nutrition.  This is because our planet is so polluted, our soil so erroded, that we both lack and require more than what the best diet can provide.
And it may sound crazy, but you would be just amazed at how many clients I talk to who are vegan, watch what they put into their body, but haven't really given a great thought about their skincare or home cleaning agents.
Because the body absorbs at least 70% of what is applied topically,  what we come in skin contact with, what we clean with, use as deodorant, colognes and moisturizers matter...a lot.
Supplements - ONLY 9% of Vitamins on the market are good.  The rest contain motor oil, coal tar, turpentine, petrochemicals, talcum powder (a carcinogen) and are very unhealthy!
And so it is with my bent on detox, on products that are from green companies who actually care, that I bring you this review.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  :)
BIOCEUTICA -  - PRODUCT LINE UP - This company has a nice, extensive product line up!  Bioceutica offers Green Coconut Water based skin and body care and cosmeceuticals, make up with benefits that includes a keratin based mascara that grows your lashes beautifully and a firming serum I am not ever out of personal use stock on. They have a supplement line up that includes SuperPower3, which is their green plant based supplement, with their Custom Essentials being their cornerstone product.  Custom Essentials is their Personalized Nutraceuticals or vitamin supplementation you get customized for your needs after taking the privatest which you can do in the comfort and privacy of your home and ship off to their lab.  It's a great concept and nobody else is doing it.  Coming from my Hippocrates training, I inquired as to how the supplements were made etc and was impressed with their honesty and the 3 page detailed letter I received back from their lead chemist, Denise Autry.
To be perfectly frank here, my expectation was one of white washing or completely ignoring my questions.  I was thrilled to get the detailed answers to my questions.
SIGNING UP!  This is one of the most transparent MLMs I have had the pleasure of exploring.  They have a required spend level of $100.00 per quarter that they expect, between what you buy and what your clients purchase, in order to remain active.  There is the kit  you select, based upon what motivates you (I chose My Vitamins BB Kit with the priva test and supplements.)  The cheapest join is $89.  There is also a low annual fee waived your first year.
You can post a picture in your profile for a personal touch. Free Shipping on $125.00+ orders, you pay tax. 30 day money back guarantee less ship/handling except for customized products, such as Custom Essentials. IF opened/used, 85% refund.  The business you build is willable to family when you pass.

HOW YOU ARE PAID: There is more detail but they basically had me at transparency.  You get 30% commission on every sale.
People are very supportive too, they actually scheduled a launch to invite folks and introduce me and the products. You are paid weekly based upon all spend and yes, this also includes personal purchases and direct deposit with no fees. I was pleased to see a direct deposit my first week as a new Independent Rep, no hassles, just boom, there it was, money in my bank account.

THE GREEN - Cartons are made from 100% recycled and 85% post consumer fiber. Products are manufactured using 100% certified Ethos Carbon Offset Certificates and they advocate reycling.
TOXINS - While this skincare line is green coconut water based and touts their shunning of the usual suspects, parabens, animal products or by products, artificial colors or dyes or fragrance, it is NOT chemical free. You want to avoid products with 'eth' in them.  Here, I will look at just a few products at a high level overview, not each and every ingredient.   Their Luminous C Perfection  Pore-less Foundation contains vitamin C and other yumminess however it also contains PEG/PPG Dimethicone.  Per EWG PEG/PPG is a lower threat, between low and moderate on their toxicity scale.   Bioceuticas  B-Hydrated body lotion contains Phenoxyethanol, a popular preservative with antibacterial properties.  This ingredient is placed fairly far down on the list of ingredients, but it is in this product.  In  1990  Journal of the American College of Toxicology reported that phenoxyethanol also acts as an endocrine disruptor which caused damage to bladder and acute pulmonary edema in animals. Early 1980s studies also suggest that phenoxyethanol can cause DNA mutations – again, only in animals, as it was not tested on humans.  Did you just read this?  Ahem...Humans are exactly animals.  We are mamals like mice, cats, dogs etc.  Our systems are animal, therefore, yes, this affects us similarly and there ain't no way getting around the facts.  Phenoxyethanol is a scientifically proven irritant to human skin and eyes (Comparison of objective and sensory skin irritations of several cosmetic preservatives.  Lee E, An S, Choi D, Moon S, Chang I. Contact Dermatitis. 2007 Mar;56(3):131-6.) and it is classified as irritant in European Union. Phenoxyethanol is also restricted for use in Japan. Acryloyldimethyltaurate copolymer acts as a gelling agent, an emulsifier.  The overall hazard is low per EWG.  Bioceutica ButterSHINE Lip Pencil has acrylates copolymer which per the EWG is a low toxicity level. And one of my favourite products, the Reverse 20 - has a green coconut jelly base, glacial water and Butylene Glycol which is also low on toxicity per the EWG's Skin Deep website that I use as my personal bible. 
CLEAN VERDICT -  This is an effective line, far cleaner than most.  While it is plant based, they are not shy of using some science.  Everything I have used so far has been effective, feels good on my skin etc.  I adore their mascara.  Miessence makes an awesome clean one...when they put it into production, which is spotty at best.  (It isn't an easy thing manufacturing a totally clean mascara.)    
PRODUCT LINEUP - This company is coconut water based with a focus on organic and wild crafted ingredients.  This line has no makeup other than lip tint/gloss.  They have a good anti-aging trio for skincare and a non-tinted lip balm. There’s a nice face wash, tooth paste options, hair care and some nice offerings, laundry soap, sanitizer, bug repellent on the home front and some great superfood supplementation.   Also I like that they offer organic essential oils.
SIGNING UP! Requires $100/mo spend to remain active but what your clients spend counts toward that $100.00 requirement as well.  Direct Deposit is done through Payoneer which charges $8.95 initial set up and $2.50 per deposit.  I hate this bit.  If I am selling for your company, I want my paycheck without any gotchas.  That stated, it's not highway robbery, but just doesn't please me. Shipping & tax on all orders. Weekly Commissions & Volumes Detail.
HOW YOU ARE PAID:  Commissions are paid on Tuesdays (except for banking holidays) via your Pay Card or Bank Deposit (to register click Money - Pay Card or Bank Deposit).  You earn 30% on sales but you are NOT paid commissions against any personal purchases.
THE GREEN-  Essante is a mix of certified organic and wild crafted.  Unlike Miessence (rated below) it is not 100% organic. Prices on their super foods reflect this.  The brand uses Greenpeace Award Winning Organic Palm Oil.  They are non GMO and cruelty free.
TOXINS - The brand states they are 'Certified Toxic Free'. Looking at a few of my favorite products - Essante NaPCA Calming Toner Mist & Z3 Holywood's Anti-Aging items -  Um...not really seeing any science here, no chemicals stand out for me. 
CLEAN VERDICT -  Really clean product, while not 100% certified organic.
 Great SuperFoods powders (green, alkalizing, probiotic) a nice enzymatic house cleaner and some very nice skin and body care.  The products are some of the best I have used.  I adore their Eye and Neck Firming Serum and won't be without their hand cream or Rejuvenating Skin Conditioner, which is perfectly light and penetrating in the heat of Texas when you need moisture but not a ton of creams on your face, neck and hands.
SIGNING UP!  - This is not an easy system to figure out.  You are required to have a monthly spend that adds up to 75 'points' but basically about $80-100+ per month or $1200 in annual spend or you won't see any commission on your sales.  OR you get folks under you.  My focus, while I sure would love to have folks join under me, has been about marketing the products themselves.  If folks love it and want to also sell it, terrific!  I don't push.
HOW YOU ARE PAID -  You have to ask/request payment and there are fees involved to convert from Australian currency plus additional fees to cover bank processing and handling charges. Transfers to accounts outside of Australia may incur additional fees imposed by the receiving bank. Australian transfers can take up to 4 business days to clear funds into your bank account.
International transfers can take up to 7 business days to clear funds.
This company is currently set up where you only make anything if you either buy product in bulk to retail it yourself or get a lot of folks under you selling.  Also, everyone has got to be on an autoship to net anything.  I don't know about you, but I perhaps buy skincare and cosmetics 3 times or so a year.  I like to stock up on what I like and I sure don't spend $100 or more every single month.  Some stuff I run out of, like hand cream, faster than other things, like foundation.  I don't appreciate feeling locked in to having to make a purchase, just to earn a commission that, for 2 years now, has always been vastly lower than the amount I am auto spending on product!  While I have gotten a few discounts on product,  I have earned zero and spent quite a bit annually.  
THE GREEN-  The company is carbon negative.  Miessence is also ACO and USDA Certified Organic.  
TOXINS - You can basically eat this stuff. It is all 100% food based, from skincare to body care to supplements.
CLEAN VERDICT -  Squeaky! 
HUGE CAVEAT AS A REP! -  IF your client googles before clicking on your link to purchase, or they don't input your name at point of sale,  your sale will get lost. People who have purchased from your link will be in your team ONLY  as long as you are eligible to receive bonuses, meaning you must have ongoing personal orders via auto ship to ever see a bonus. Bonuses are tiny.  Prospective clients, who perhaps wish to do some research on their own first prior to ordering from you or signing up with you as an Independent Rep, will get lost or orphaned if they google search first before first going to your site and it will be entirely up to you to prove they are your clients and fix that.  Unless you are very salesy and push to have people rep under you, this is not a money maker but the products are truly honestly great.
Support - Corporate office support is spotty at best.  Once there was an issue with the website and I ended up with 70 rather than 7 shave gel samples.  Within 5 minutes I emailed to address the concern and got a reply back that the product 'had already shipped' which is physically impossible BS.  As I write a blog where many folks  purchase based upon my reviews, there's no telling who has bought what that I never saw compensation for.   IS it worth it?  This is entirely up to you and your perspective.  IF you can control your clients, get names, emails and assure you are getting credit for your sales and are into building a base of reps under you, and are passionate about effective organic products, then maybe so.
Getting back on the topic of supplementation, Alkalizing is huge.  So is Hydration and Detoxification.  Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, recommended over 2000 years ago, “Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.”  Most folks are not juicing and dining on a plant based diet and need a lot of supplementation.  In fact, anyone who is ‘eating perfectly’ in this polluted world still needs supplementation.  Hippocrates Health Institute is huge on juicing.  80% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. One of the large benefits of juicing is in the hydration.  Of course, when you dehydrate your ‘juice’ into a powder, you lose out on that hydrating  effect, but you at least get some of the nutritional benefits.  And, as you add those benefits back into a drink/smoothie then you are adding some hydration there as well.  It's always going to be better to control your food, buy fresh organic produce and make your own green juices at home but then there is work, travel and time constraints that most of us have.
Comparing the SuperFood Line up with Miessence, Bioceutica & Essante:
Miessence:  For $75.95 you can purchase their probiotic, Alkalising or Antioxidant powders. These are their superfoods and they are excellent.  All 3 may be purchased for $204.95.  Micessence also does periodically offer a 30% off or, if your spend level is high enough they give you that.  Either power is 105g of product.
Essante :  Offers a combo pack for $97.00 or you pay $50.00 for either their Earth Greens or $47.00 for Super Reds powders.  They also offer capsules.
Miessence is 100% certified in their Super Foods and the green alkalizing food contains Chlorella and Spirulina and Wheatgrass, ALL HUGE with Hippocrates.  Essante powders are a mix of both organic and wild crafted non GMO.  You get a lot more product, 200g and for less.  From my perspective, Miessence is a better superfood offering in quality.  But, some folks will want the savings and more product that is still a great nutritional source.
Bioceutica's offering is SuperPower3 in capsule form,  $40.95.  While there is no wheatgrass, there is spirulina, resveratrol from grapes, kelp, numerous botanicals and this would be a great 'on the go' supplement if you are not inclined to make juices and smoothies  or on days that you don’t, such as when traveling perhaps.

Please drop me a line and let me know your thoughts and comments.  :)

Friday, November 10, 2017


Hi everyone!  I am excited!  Please join me Saturday for my Bioceutica launch from the comfort of your home.  This is a quick call to introduce you to additional healthy options being introduced at PureTemple.

As most of you know who read me, my goal is helping folks live a vegan plant-based lifestyle,with a focus on raw foods,  to make efforts toward daily detoxing and eschewing chemicals and toxins from their daily lives, from buying organic clothing to being mindful of their home cleaning supplies. 

To this end, I represent 3 plant based supplement, skin and body care lines. ONLY 9% of Vitamins on the market are good.  The rest contain motor oil, coal tar, turpentine, petrochemicals and are very unhealthy! Rather than actually helping us out, they cause damage. In a polluted world, daily detoxing, a focus on a raw plant based diet and good supplementation are necessary.

You are invited to attend my Bioceutica launch this Saturday and discover great non toxic skin and body care products, custom supplements and wonderful makeup shades for the ladies. Bioceutica's cornerstone is their customized supplements, tailored to your body, based upon test results you send in after completing your Privatest.
Suzanne's Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better Launch
WHEN - Nov 11, 2017 2:00 PM Central Time
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Or iPhone one-tap :
Or Telephone:
+1 646 558 8656
Meeting ID: 294 971 718

There will be a secondary call, you to hop on Facebook, from the comfort of home, Tuesday 11/14 at 7 pm (MST) for a Gratitude Giveaway-over $200 in giveaways!! I love this product line and Its short overview of the products so you can enjoy all those that interest you. I would so appreciate if you could check it out, win free goodies at the same time!! You will be glad you did! Please join in! 🙂